I have divided my life into two halves and am now entering the second half. As has been painfully pointed out, I am 69-years-old and the second half will surely be shorter than the first half. My response to that is to point out that the second half, while shorter, will be based on a bit more wisdom and knowledge than I had access to in the first half. This site will chronicle some of my second-half adventures.

-Ross Palfreyman

Joy in the Brambles

Ross Palfreyman has taken a lifetime of faith and biblical study and turned it toward an important and timely reflection on the role of service and joy in our lives. Joy in the Brambles shows us how to navigate the dense thickets of choices we are faced with day to day. He gives us a compass that points us toward joy as our sacred connection to God and shows us that joy consists in service and an orientation toward others.

The Stall Times Reader

Every few days we post snippets of joy shared by our subscribers, acts that have been observed, lived or shared, that inspire us to look outwardly to lose ourselves in the service of the needs of others, even if just for a moment. We can feed off the joy of the stories and even more significantly, we can be reminded of the joy that can be ours by random acts of everyday kindness.
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