The Stall Times Reader Membership


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Too much time spent in the everyday hustle and bustle of managing a life filled with chores,
bills and responsibilities? Social and mainstream media got you down? The Stall Times Reader’s intent is to refresh the mind with at least monthly postings of thought provoking, sometimes fanciful, sometimes religious, sometimes political articles that will take your mind and hopefully bend it away from the normal drama of our pedestrian exposures to life in the fast lane. Here we will also post thoughts of the moment including snippets of joy shared by our members, acts that have been observed, lived or shared, that inspire us to look outwardly to lose ourselves in the service of the needs of others, even if just for a moment. We can feed off the joy of the stories and even more significantly, we can be reminded of the joy that can be ours by random acts of everyday kindness. In short, The Stall Times Reader will provide you with positive and objective observations of the life we live. It is a place to share realistic and hopefully unique views of our world and how we fit into it.
Sometimes challenging, sometimes relaxing and sometimes both, but always thought provoking… The Stall Times Reader is well worth the $24.00 membership fee that provides you with a two year membership.