Joy in the Brambles


Do you find that pursuing happiness still leaves you wanting something more?

Maybe you are a person of faith who has heard messages about the value of service but hasn’t fully understood why it is so important. Perhaps you want to renew your covenant of faith and are not sure how to do so.

“Joy in the Brambles” has taken a lifetime of faith and biblical study and turned it toward an important and timely reflection on the role of service and joy in our lives. Joy in the Brambles shows us how to navigate the dense thickets of choices we are faced with day to day. He gives us a compass that points us toward joy as our sacred connection to God and shows us that joy consists of service and an orientation toward others.

Unlike other authors who may speak about the importance of service for a life of faith, Palfreyman takes as his focus the frequent confusion of happiness and joy. He shows that they are two fundamentally different ways of approaching life and that, we can achieve joy and happiness if our bearings are properly placed. Though happiness may provide a foundation for us, joy is ultimately where we will find our fulfillment and our lasting connection to divinity. In a time where there is such a demand to find happiness and so many ways to do so, the simplicity and directness that Palfreyman brings to questions about what gives us meaning is powerful.

In the pages of Joy in the Brambles, you will find:

  • Principles for navigating your life that will help you prioritize what matters most.
  • Illustrations of what service means and its connection to joy.
  • Examples of how empathy and care enrich you as much as those you serve.
  • A path that takes you toward God and His gift to us.